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Make karaoke videos with scrolling lyrics for any song in 1-click 🎉

  • A one-click karaoke video creator
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Download as MP3 or MP4
  • First 3 karaokes FREE, no credit card required
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Sing any Song

No Karaoke Version? No problem.

Youka is a karaoke software that allows you to create karaoke versions of your favorite songs in minutes. No technical knowledge required. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Sing Any Song, Anytime
Transform any track into a karaoke version effortlessly. Our software simplifies the process, enabling you to enjoy singing your favorite songs in minutes. No technical skills needed. Check out our demo video to see how smoothly it works.
Instant YouTube Karaoke Conversion
Easily convert YouTube videos into karaoke versions. Enjoy singing along to a wide array of songs with just a few clicks.
Automatic Lyric Synchronization
Experience perfectly synchronized lyrics with your music, thanks to our advanced auto-sync technology.
Flexible MP3 and MP4 Exports
Export your karaoke creations in your preferred format, be it MP3 or MP4, with additional support for Inandon.
Adaptive Pitch Control
Adjust the pitch to suit your vocal range. Our pitch changer tool allows for a customized singing experience, ensuring your voice shines.
Customizable Subtitle Styling
Personalize your karaoke subtitles. Choose from various styles to match the mood and tone of your song.
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